NRI Services

For non-resident Indians (NRIs), returning non-resident Indians (RNRIs), and expatriates who need absolutely exclusive services, we offer a full range of tax services. Each of you will have specific needs that call for completely individualised, transparent solutions that must be provided in a professional and timely manner.

We may be the ideal consulting firm in India for your needs because of our experienced staff in dealing with international tax and finance.

A well-thought-out tax strategy can have a significant impact on both a company's performance and the shareholders' personal financial situation.

There are numerous alternatives for tax planning available to individuals. A good tax strategy should take into account all available options and be personalised for each taxpayer.

We offer the following services:

  • Income tax and Other issues
  • Applying Permanent Account Number
  • Filing Income tax returns
  • Income Tax advice on capital gain and other issues
  • Issue of Chartered Accountant for repatriation of NRI funds in India (Tax Clearance Certificates)
  • Any specific advise required in relation to FEMA/RBI