Corporate Finance and Management Consultancy

In today’s competitive and volatile markets, corporate finance is moving beyond simply managing value to creating maximum value. We strive to create an environment that will cause each of our clients to view us as a trusted business advisor.

We provide following services :

  • Preparation of Project Report, Project Feasibility Reports, CMA Data etc.
  • Advising on technical and financial collaborations, joint ventures, setting up new ventures (which could either be in the form of subsidiaries/branch offices/liaison offices for multinational companies) and obtaining the approval of the Foreign Investment Promotion Board and other government agencies
  • Advising on mergers, amalgamations, de-mergers / spin-offs, diversifications, slump sale right from the stage of conceptualization of the scheme, coordinating with lawyers, valuation of companies etc. till the stage of obtaining the final High Court approval to the scheme
  • M & A Advisory Services such as Buy Side and Sale side advisory, preparation of Information Memorandum/ Sale Document, Preparation of Business Model, Deal Structuring, Investment Structuring, IPO Readiness review and Assistance
  • Business Valuation
    • Intangibles Valuation
    • Asset Valuation
    • Regulatory Valuation
    • Valuation for IFRS
  • Due Diligence such as Acquisition/ Financial Due Diligence, Vendor Due Diligence, Closing Due Diligence, Tax Due Diligence and Mock Due Diligence
  • Advising on appropriate mix of debt and equity financing and internal financial restructuring
  • India Entry Services
  • Assisting and advising organizations in complying with corporate governance requirements, as specified in Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement, Sarbanes Oxley Act
  • Identification and recommending areas of cost reduction, streamlining of operations and recommending ways and means for improving the bottom line
  • Review of Management Information Systems, suggesting means for improving such systems to provide meaningful input to top management, and assistance in setting up such systems
  • Reviewing compliance with various regulatory requirements
  • Rendering opinion on various Company law related issues
  • Advisory Services on various Accounting Standards related to Indian GAAPs and International GAAPs